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ThoTh Lab provides a highly-customizable virtual laboratory platform for users in research, education and enterprise.

ThoTh Lab for Research (TLR)

A virtualized research laboratory environment that provides a wide range of applications, virtual devices, and network topologies that can fully mimic a real-world laboratory for computing experiments, where the users can compose and implement real-world solutions, as well as retrieving the results efficiently. The bundle includes
Basic Modules and Research Modules.

ThoTh Lab for Education (TLE)

A virtualized laboratory that can be accessed via a web browser with no time or location restrictions. The platform requires no maintenance from lab owners, and provides versatile lab environments and corresponding learning contents that can be followed and contributed by the users at their own pace. The bundle includes
Basic Modules and Education Modules.

ThoTh Lab for Corporation (TLC)

A platform for enterprise users to manage their projects, IT infrastructure and services, customer relations and internal training in their privately hosted cloud. The bundle includes
Basic Modules and Enterprise Modules.



The virtual laboratory platform allows users to access ThoTh Lab services from anywhere and anytime, i.e., no time and location restriction.


The web-based service does not restrict users to any specific platform when accessing ThoTh Lab services, i.e., no platform restriction from the user side.


The cloud-based platform frees users from managing and maintaining physical devices and lab logistics so they can focus on building the best laboratory functions, contents, and environments.


ThoTh Lab allows lab administrators to compose new services and applications and thus can greatly improve the efficiency of the management of the system.


ThoTh Lab is expandable based on its distributed service-oriented architecture that allows the system to be expanded to users' owned private cloud system.

High-Availability and Redundancy

Current ThoTh Lab services are hosted by the data center of Arizona State University, which provides high-availability and redundancy cloud services.

ThoTh Lab:

Remote access: Browser only. No client applications are required.

Lab repository: Predefined standardized laboratories with new labs are being added continuously.

User-defined lab: Users create own labs on demand.

Role / Group-based lab management: Role and Group-based access control.

Collaborative learning: Users work as a group collaboratively in the same project.

Authoring: Users-generated contents / wiki.

Sharing: File/data sharing, lab running environment sharing, and lab content/design sharing.

See Open Labs and Demos

Service Module Bundles

Resource Management

Management for cloud-based resources such as Virtual Machines, Virtural Networks, and Storages.


Centralized user identity management and access control.


A web front-end user interface that allows users to access the virtual lab from remote.

Lab Design

The instructors can create templates for laboratories that include virtual machines, virtual networks, software packages to be deployed, and etc.

Lab Management

The instructors can create, manage, and deploy in-batch laboratory templates in the system.


Allowing users to contribute their own learning materials, and publish them on the Lab Repository.

Storage Service

Storage capacity and resources management for objects, clusters and files.

Sensing (TBA)

Data collecting, storing and processing services for Internet of Things.


Internal training platform for employees and customers.

Solution Pricing

ThoTh Lab for Institutions and Enterprises (TLE/TLR/TLC)

for qoute.

Basic individual subscribers

$ 9.99 / mo

Advanced individual subscribers

$ 19.99 / mo

About Us

Athena Network Solutions LLC (short for ATHENETS) was established in 2014. The company’s cloud services are initially established by an educational project sponsored by National Science Foundation, ATHNETS’ services have been supported by the foundation of Arizona State University’s massive, highly-scalable, highly-available data centers. The company is based in Phoenix, Arizona, with its cloud-based services and products spanning across multi-domains in research, education and enterprise.

Our Clients

ThoTh Lab has provided services to Arizona State Univ., Penn State Univ. Altona, University of Missouri-Kansas City, California State Univ. Fulerton, and etc. We have provided education and research solutions to over 1,300 students and teachers with more than 3,000 personal and organizational projects with positive feedbacks. We are looking forward to expand the solutions to more institutions and corporations.